IRS Estate and Gift Tax Audits and Appeals/Litigation Before U.S. Tax Court

With our experience as a former attorney-advisor to the U.S. Tax Court and from our reputation as an authority in the gift and estate tax arena, we have been successful in negotiating very successful gift and estate tax cases with the IRS on various levels. We represent clients in connection with their federal estate and gift tax controversies. We assist in the audit process, handle the IRS Appeals (briefs, settlement conferences, hearings) and if necessary, bring the case to the United States Tax Court.  The process can be costly but if the stakes are high and the case has merit, these proceedings should be pursued. We are often called upon by professional advisors to assist in evaluating the merits of each case.  Finally, the audit process requires careful attention to the procedural rules of the IRS as well as those of the U.S. Tax Court. Failure to observe these rules may foreclose the desired course of action. A timetable as well as a coherent strategy, in addition to experienced representation, are all vital prerequisites for a successful result on audit. Our office would evaluate the case and determine with you an appropriate course of action.

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